Mar. 3rd, 2014


Mar. 3rd, 2014 12:23 pm
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So here's the thing: I've been saying for...10 years? now that I want to move to North Carolina. I tried to convince Jeremy to just do it out of law school. That would have been the thing to do. We didn't have a kid, we didn't have a ton of debt (aside from student loans), we weren't tied to any jobs. We should have figured it out then. But we didn't.

Only, I still want to do it. Of course, now it has to be carefully planned. Jeremy has to find a job. I have to find a job. We have to think about schools for Samuel. We have to think about how to get all our stuff there. We have to consider our debt load. You know, be a grown up. I hate being a grown up.

Jeremy found a job posting (finally!) for the area we like (Asheville) and now the dreamer in me is all excited. It's stupid. It's just a job posting. He applied last night, but's just a job posting. But that's me--I grab on to something and I can't let go. Fortunately, over the years I've learned how to not be disappointed by these wild dreams and hopes. Thank god, because dude? I'm looking at houses all because of a freaking job posting. How childish am I?

But hey, a dreamer's got to dream. And as long as I'm flying high and dreaming, maybe I should do something constructive about this desire of mine. Like, find a job option. See, maybe if I found a steady, reliable job that offered a reasonable wage, we could think about following that with or without a job for Jeremy. Crazy, right? *sigh*

So...I need a way to find equine professional jobs in the Asheville, NC area. It's the industry I have the most experience in and the most earning potential in. I know that doesn't equate to a great deal of income, but it's something. Thing is, where do I look? I feel like finding the elusive equine professional job is not easy because they aren't exactly well advertised online or nationwide. Perhaps I do not know about a certain network? Anyone have suggestions?

These kinds of views. These are my goals. I love the mountains, the pine trees, the lifestyle. Give me this to call home!



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