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So, I'm making some online changes. Not here. I don't think I'll ever change what's going on here. It's like my own private journal...shared with a few friends of course.

No, I'm going to try a family and business blog. again. I deleted the weebly one I made for the family a while back and I lost my Naturally Gifted Farms website when Apple discontinued web hosting. I never really got serious about hosting the site elsewhere because it wasn't generating anything useful and therefore was a waste of money. Then I made a facebook page for the business and that was pretty much all I needed at the time.

Anyway, changes. I'm kinda over facebook. Not the privacy stuff, I don't care about that. Dude, if you post something online you'd better realize it's there for all to see if they care to look! No, it's all the clutter and spam, the posts disappearing, the push for paying to see stuff, my business page getting lost in the shuffle. Add to that all the OTHER people threatening to quit due to the privacy stuff and I'm just...over it.

So, I'm trying out Google +. I got an account ages ago and now I'm going to use it. We'll see if it catches on. Please feel free to look me up. I hope it will be my replacement fb (though for now, I'm not deleting my fb account). It will have loads of Samuel photos, and then other photos too, plus those status updates we've all gotten used to on facebook. https://plus.google.com/u/0/106498979412404779342/posts

I'm also set up on Word Press now for the family blog and the business blog. I have missed writing...meaningful writing with thought and care, maybe some research. I miss creating poetry and also news reporting. So, I'm going to try to put those skills to use to write weekly blogs about stuff people may actually want to read regularly.

The business blog address is http://naturallygiftedfarms.wordpress.com/ I plan to post about shows, foxhunting, clients, successes, issues, goals, training, and hobby farming (because starting this spring, I am going to get *serious* about my own backyard farming. And when we get our own house, I'm getting chickens). I hope to manage this once a week, and I've already got some ideas in mind.

The Family blog address is http://johnsonfamilyzoo.wordpress.com/ and this will be filled with posts about my family, but also about the things I'm learning as a parent. I'm hoping what I'm learning is stuff other people *want* to learn. I'm amazed at how much info is not compiled easily for new parents. Things like starting kids on solids and how to combine meals to keep the kid from getting compacted or suffering diarrhea. Anyway, I'm sure it will be a bit like reinventing the wheel, but hopefully I will have *something* original to add to the ideas.

So yeah. Eventually I think I'm going to delete my facebook account. And please, follow me on google or word press if you're interested.


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